Expanding Child Development Days

In this fast-paced world, there are so many ways to receive parenting advice. This can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and still unsure – or even more unsure – of what to do in any given situation. Parents are a child’s first teacher starting at the very beginning of their child’s life. That can feel like an amazing opportunity, as well as a large responsibility.

When specifically looking at child development, parents often have many questions. Is my child following the typical milestones of development such as their language, physical movements or behaviors? What if my child is not following typical development? If you are unsure and would like to know more about what to expect, join us for a Child Developmental Screening Day at no cost to families. Always consult your child’s pediatrician with additional questions as well.

The next screening day is Thursday, October 11th from 3-6pm and October 12th from 8am-12pm at the Generations building in Plymouth. Registration is required and spots fill quickly. Call the Family Resource Center at 892-6706 for more information and to register for your 45-minute time slot.

At a Child Developmental Screening Day, children ages 6-months to 5-years-old are screened for appropriate development by trained staff members. Parents and caregivers sit side-by-side with their child and screening staff to discuss what appropriate development looks like for their child, and what activities could help their child develop certain skills. This is an exciting partnership between school districts and other nonprofit organizations specializing in child development, to offer screenings at earlier ages. Parents and caregivers then have the opportunity to learn more about what to expect and to ask questions.

If a child is not meeting typical milestones, screening staff can give parents and caregivers activity ideas to help their child reach the milestones and encourage them to bring their child back in a few months for the next screening. Staff are also able to connect families to community resources that can support their child’s needs.

For more information about the Sheboygan County Community Partnership for Children, visit www.sheboygancpc.org. You can also contact Corrissa Frank, Sheboygan County Community Partnership for Children Coordinator at corrissa@uwofsc.org or call (920) 458-3425.